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Several information on railways, history of traffic and technology
in Germany during the period from1919 to 1945.

The Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft
its rolling stock and its position in German economy.
From the point of view of model railwaying it is the so called Epoch II.
Era II
Deutsche Reichsbahn
The rolling stock of the German National Railroad
Railway models of Epoch II
contemporary representations of railways
Contemporary representations of railways
datas, facts and documents
The Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft - data, facts and documents
Information on transportation between 1919 and 1945
historical facts
Historical facts
Technological development during the 1920s and 1930s
Literature, links, acknowledgements

Whoever is concerned with processes having taken place in Germany from 1933 to 1945 is often hastily regarded politically by superficial fellow men.
Very often these are contemporaries who are not really able to form a political opinion of their own and cannot judge the statement of others realistically. So it is expressively pointed out here that dealing with the Deutsche Reichsbahn and further topics from Germany before 1945 is by far no appreciation of the political events of that time!
The German Reichsbahn was firmly involved in the cynic policy of the fascist dictatorship and its war machine. These and all other irrefutable historical truths are not here under discussion!
The subject of this informative compilation is rather a view on technical states, processes and relations.
Very many historians are precedentally concerned with political and cultural events, against which nothing can be objected. Unfortunately much too seldom technical aspects are shown as the work of human beings with the original target of benefit for everyone. Certainly human work was abused again and again in history and used as harm to human beings, but therein is no difference of this time to other epochs. So no political attitude can be derived from any dealing with technical issues of any period. Whoever is reading the following pages attentively, will find out that they do not contain any identification with National Socialist ideas, but dissociate expressively and with no restriction from them.

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